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Responsive design and Mobile First

I redesigned an existing login/sign-up flow for a responsive design, using a Mobile First approach.

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Lean UX: Getting out of the deliverables business

User experience design used to be all about the deliverables. To quote from Jeff Gothelf's seminal Lean UX article at Smashing Magazine:

"Designers have become documentation subject matter experts, known for the quality of the documents they create instead of the end-state experiences being designed and developed."

Lean UX deliverables >

User flow: Compliance

Old-fashioned user flow from 2010. It shows the journey users in the Netherlands have to make to satisfy legal compliance rules.

Compliance user flow >

Prototype: Compliance

In this click-through prototype, I've simplified the flow for Netherlands "Know Your Customer" users. It's served in a series of lightboxes, which keeps down the complexity of each individual task. Getting to the lightbox is automatic when the user has logged in. Alternative access points exist on the homepage and in the user profile for those who want to pro-actively satisfy anti-money-laundering regulations.

Compliance prototype >

Localization wireframes: Israel

Innovative wireframes with English language and right-to-left layouts. Regardless of previous experience with bi-directional languages, these wireframes helped all in the cross-functional team to see the differences and the similarities.

Israel localization wireframes >

Content Management System: English and Arabic

American Express Middle East commissioned a redesign of their website. The new site required a CMS-driven About-Us section with content in English and Arabic

CMS sitemap and wireframes with supporting Arabic web design presentation >

Lo-fi and Hi-fi

These deliverables were produced for the redesign of the intranet of landlord with over 4000 homes. It was a content-driven intranet with a lot of content in non-web formats, e.g. Excel. Included in the sample are a sitemap and four wireframes. There are low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes, as well as wireframes with sample content.

Lo-fi and Hi-fi: Intranet sitemap and wireframes >

Older Work Samples

Archive of older work samples and articles >