Cecilia Huster, User Experience Designer

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Transactional: Introducing a new interaction

A major insurer in the UK wanted to upgrade their online self service offering. That's how these wireframes came to be produced.

Wireframe Examples

Add and Remove Car Options Wireframe

These two samples deal with a page that allows drivers to make mid-term adjustments (MTA) to the add-ons on their policy.

First part of wireframe with car insurance options

This is the first part of the page on which drivers can add and remove options while their policy is running. The current cover is indicated. In the left hand column key decisions are pointed out and explained. The last paragraph explains the association between Foreign Cover and European Breakdown Cover.

Yellow Fade Technique Explained

Explaining the yellow fade technique

This wireframe explains how the yellow fade technique is used to make the link between Foreign Cover and European Breakdown Cover obvious to the user. The main representatives of the client were usability specialists, so the text goes into more detail about where the technique comes from than I would otherwise do.

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