Cecilia Huster, User Experience Designer

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User flow: "Know Your Customer" Compliance

“Know Your Customer”, KYC, is a legal compliance requirement that differs from country to country. This flow was for Netherlands users.

I created this flow in Adobe InDesign. It was part of an experience spec for the waterfall process.

User flow 
for Netherlands customers.

KYC timing

There are a number of different ways financial institutions can implement the KYC requirement. Most banks simply ask for all the information they need up front when you open your account. PayPal, on the other hand, triggers the KYC process when the user transacts for a certain amount of money. In the user flow shown above, a diamond-shaped decision point says "Receiving limit reached?" That's what triggers this flow. The reason is that one of the main selling points of PayPal is that the barrier to entry is very low.

PayPal KYC improvements

Originally the process required users to fax in documents. Fax is an expensive and error-prone technology on both sides, so PayPal added the ability to upload scanned documents instead. The flow described here represents a further user experience improvement: some account types could enter all necessary information on the web and get a response in realtime. As you can see if you follow the flow, for some other account types, an account upgrade was required.

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