Cecilia Huster, User Experience Designer

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Replacing Pen and Paper: Live Events Scheduling Tool

Financial Engines holds events at workplaces to inform employees of their services. After these events, staff schedule free appointments with financial advisors for the attendees. Until we developed this tool, they used pen and paper. Particularly at large events, this lead to many double bookings, and issues with data purity and completeness.

Before I was brought on board, the plan was to develop the tool without involvement of end users. This despite that there was a very limited number of end users and that they were all available through the corporate directory. Naturally I reached out to the live events team and arranged user testing with them. I also arranged for the development team to attend a live event themselves. Chatting with the live events staff in person and over the phone, completely changed the project for the better. We developed a tool that supports their work and significantly reduces their workload. At the same time we no longer had data issues. The live events team couldn't thank us enough. And it didn't take longer.

Advisor Design Principles, 2016For user testing, I created a simple prototype in Axure. The live events staff particularly liked the map. They fly out to events all over the country, so naturally they're not familiar with the local geography of every place they visit. The map allows them to show the customer where the offices (round FE logo) are in relation to the customer's address (red pin).

You may need to download and install the Axure extension for your browswer, to be able to interact with the prototype. Enter a last name including "and", for the happy path.

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