Cecilia Huster, User Experience Designer

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Something to Lean Against: Design Principles

As the lead designer for advisor experiences, I was acutely aware of the results of the ad-hoc approach to creating these experiences. To raise awareness of how we could improve them and why that's a good idea, I created design principles and evangelized them internally.

Advisor Design Principles, 2016

Concept: Heard Competence

The concept of heard competence, or perceived competence, was very useful to help people understand how the advisor's experience affects the customer's experience. From there it wasn't hard to infer that improving the advisor's experience, would also improve how our customers perceive Financial Engines.

How the customer perceives the advisor's competence is obviously influenced by how knowledgeable the advisor is about finances. But apart from that, it's also influenced by e.g.:

External Sources

Here are a few of the external sources I used to formulate the design principles:

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