Cecilia Huster, User Experience Designer

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User Experience, Interaction and Information Architecture

Here you will find a portfolio with samples of my work, as well as my resumé, and my LinkedIn profile.

Over 15 Years Experience

I can offer over 15 years of experience of designing web sites. My specialities are enterprise-class web sites and applications with highly complex interactions, accessibility and an international footprint.

Impressive Clients

Since I moved to Silicon Valley my clients have been Financial Engines, PayPal and Cisco. At Financial Engines I'm leading the design of a Social Security and retirement income plan tool that is being used by in-house financial advisors. Early versions improved the NPS for advisor calls from 0 to +30.

At PayPal I designed legal compliance applications on a global scale, defined interaction patterns and gave feedback to other designers to improve the holistic user experience. My work at Cisco was focused on a B2B quoting application and on moving the team toward a more user-centric process.

The last year I lived in London, I contracted as an Information Architect for digital agencies with clients such as American Express, Norwich Union and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Before that I was writing expert reviews on usability and accessibility for Royal Mail, as well as taking their site from zero accessibility to WCAG AA in less than three years.

As you can guess from this brief history, I really enjoy raising awareness of usability, accessibility and internationalization.

Communication is Key

Because I used to be a front-end developer myself, I communicate very well with techies. I speak their language and understand their challenges. This is particularly important for projects that involve transactional web applications and content management systems.

But the first thing I do in any project is to understand the business drivers behind it. What are we trying to achieve for the business? Everything has to lead toward these goals.

Naturally I also need to work closely with visual designers so that my deliverables work with the branding and look and feel of the site. Knowing and appreciating good design helps in forming rapport with visual designers.


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